Our team consists of experts in the most advanced technologies of marine finfish and shellfish  available in the world for a variety of species, from clams to tuna. We also specialize in technology transfer, beyond providing protocols and telling clients what and how to get things done: we send our own staff to the site, to do the work themselves while educating our clients' staff. Our network of consultant associates spreads literally the world over. We are specialized in TROPICAL AQUACULTURE with a facility in French Polynesia




DWT provides expert product evaluations, ORGANIC EU certification, audits/inspections, speciation, consulting and training. We work with all types of clients including importers, exporters, processors, retailers, restaurants and distributors to help ensure product safety, quality, consistency, transparency and sustainability.   We have offices and labs in Pacific Ocean to provide you many food products like TUNA , MARLIN , MAHI MAHI and more other food product like BEER and Italian food and wine . key global locations including Venice (IT) and Papeete (P.F.) ;










We offer consultancy for the ecolabel Bneutral that certifies the compensation of CO2 emissions through the compensation with certified voluntary carbon credits

We measure the Environmental Footprint of your activities. 

We promote your sustainable strategy and we add value to your products through certified environmental labels. We help to improve the competitiveness of your activities.d Italian food and wine . key global locations including Venice (IT) and Papeete (P.F.)  find more



Thanks to our research We help companies to develop their pearl farm Our goal is to help farmers with the start-up and management of their businness in order to reduce costs and increase growth rate and quality of pearl  considering the environment for cultivation; salinity, temperature of the water and how you plan on harvesting your pearls. Promotion of the farm is an added bonus to your revenue since it may serve as a popular tourist attraction.

We are developing projects on Triploydia breeding oysters, genetic colour control and robot inoculation of nucleus inside.

Our team offers a new certification of natural and organic products, simple and ready to satisfy even the more
demanding consumer.
DWT collaboration with BIOS srl dedicates to certify free OGM, free ionizing radiation, free animal test products, respectful of mankind and of the environment;
ingredients get from organic and biodynamic agriculture, certi ed by Reg. EU 834/2007 (Europeam BIO products) or equivalent standards .
DWT certify an eco-friendly cosmetics company .