Organic CP Tamanu oil
Organic CP Tam.50%
Organic P.body lotion
Virgin Coconut Oil
Monoi Tiarè

Monoi Noni (skin care)
Monoi Ylang (relaxing)
Monoi Rea Tahiti (sun-tanning lotion)
Monoi Miri (antiseptic)
Monoi fleur de Kau pe (hair care)

Monoi l'Agérate bleue (after sun)
Monoi Umuhei (sensual)
Monoi a l'Ananas de Moorea (moisturizer)
Monoi al mango (moisturizer)
Monoi Pamplemousse (skin care)
Monoi al Sandalo (lenitive)
Monoi à la Vanille de Tahiti (emotional)
Monoi au Café des Australes
Monoi sublime (dopo sole sensuale)

Monoi Tainoa (red spot skin care)
Liquid Tahitian pearl extract
Pearl Tahitian powder
Oceanic Algae liquid extract
Oceanic Algae powder
Tainoa plant powder
Tainoa liquid extract
Tamanu leaf powder
Tamanu leaf liquid extract

In the Polynesian , RAU HOTU indicates the 7th sky, the world of flowers and nice-smelling, pleasant and beneficial plants and the perfumed Paradise, place of Well-being and purification.
The secrets of RAU HOTU Tahiti :
the ENERGY of the NATURE
the MASSAGES and the Polynesian AROMATHERAPY.

RAU HOTU Tahiti produce natural care products dedicated to the body, to the face and to the hair, to the health, to the daily pleasure of the senses and the spirit for all the family.

We work with old traditional families on all the French Polynesia to select and collect in the hand flowers, fruits, plants and the most perfect pearls to give you of wonderful and powerful natural care.
Our process of drying: the sun and for the pressure: in the hand and at very low pressure on landing from 10 to 1 micron.

Our natural products are BIODEGRADABLE, 0 % treats with copper sulphate, 0 % of paraben, coloring 0 %, 0 % silicone, conservative, not ionized and untested 0 % on animals.
We produce the traditional MONOI of Tahiti  label of origin, and the famous "tamanu oil wild Tahitian".