The Carbon Credit market : study of carbon offset by credit generation in tropical lagoon , pearl oysters and corals




Every human activity affects environment and climate because of the GHG (Green House Gases) emissions caused. The whole of these emissions is known as the carbon footprint of the activity.

The company willing to neutralize its GHG (GreenHouse Gases) emissions must previously calculate the carbon footprint of the defined product/process.

The carbon footprint calculation provides the necessary information to operators who want to face climate issues by reducing and offsetting their GHG emissions.


The calculation must:

  • Define the system’s limits in order to have a defined path where to calculate GHG emissions.

  • Quantify the total of emissions in CO2e through recognized national and international standards (such as  ISO 14040 - ISO 14044 -  ISO 14064 – PAS 2050 – UNFCCC – IPCC – D.Lg 28/11).




After a process/product’s carbon footprint is validated, it can firstly be reduced through technical intervention to the system and eventually be offset by purchasing Carbon Credits coming from specific organic practices or specific projects managements.

In this way it is possible to act in a sustainable manner by reducing energy consumption (and waste) and help to prevent the climate change that is concerning  people all over the world.




Bios will validate the carbon footprint calculation and the emissions reduction/offsetting for the chosen defined system.

The verification is due regarding:

  • The complete set of  documents against the Bios standard that states the requirements necessary to offset the carbon emissions. 

  • The accuracy of the calculation of the emissions and their reduction/offset and how data have been obtained, both from organic farming and targeted projects.

  • The inspection takes place at the operator’s site in order to collect all the information useful to decide over the certificate adequacy.

  • The process/product can finally be labeled as CARBON NEUTRAL by the use of the following logo




The verification made by a third part is a guarantee of the validity of the project.

Carbon Credit generation

Using the natural mode of the tropical lagoon water capturing the atmospheric CO2 and moving itto the underwater systems (algae and corals) ,the lagoon into the tropical atoll sink the CO2 in the corals subsoil without any mechanical technique. This effectcan be exalted by the type of human activity in the area obtaining a sustainable andoptimal CO2 capture and storage.


You can contribute to the decreasing of global climatic heating due to CO2 and GHG gas in atmosphere, according to the indications of the Kyoto Protocol by purchasing carbon credits produced by the EU Venetian lagoon.
1 credit of CO2 is 1 ton of CO2 and the value follows the Stock Exchange. It is not a donation but it is a real purchase that finance a project of environmental sustainability and carbon sink .
These credits are guaranteed and certified by independent checkers
according to international standard as the European BIOS BNEUTRAL-voluntary carbon standard , leading company in this sector