A new system
to track the pearls from origin and quality

The basic function of ePearl ® is to uniquely identify each pearl. The identity is imparted to the pearl before the pearl was cultivated using a special nucleus with a nfc microchip inside . This technology is made in Italy .  A special reader is used to identify each pearl.

When combined with other internet database, you can track your pearl to the tretailers and consumers.


How It Works?


Our tester fit three major functions:

  • check the pearl quality

  • identify

  • track-and-trace

  • authenticate


In order to perform each function, additional technologies are required. The minimum requirement is the pearl tester that is also a NFC reader, which is required for writing and reading the tag . The microtag is embedded inside a special nucleus inside the pearl.


The farmer can do with a unicle equipment :

write a special code INSIDE the pearl

write a special code OUTSIDE the pearl if that pearl come by a past tech

test the colour and brightness and submit a code to the client 

test the weight and the pearl carat

test the M-O.P. layer around the nucleus itself

mixing these above parameters , get a number that identify the quality and the value of the pearl

The client can read the information by a smartphone with NFC feature (Android or Iphone)



We are looking partner to use this technology . Our DWT e-pearls are currently grown at major cultivation sites in the South and Southeast Pacific region.



While the quantity of the available pearls are still low to satisfy the world's demand, we currently are selling at

Australia Philippines United States Canada Hong Kong Japan China

We are always looking for sales engineers to help out expand the market.



This project need e-nucleus and a e-pearl tester . The minimum order quantity begins with 5000 nucleus and 1 tester. Price varies between sizes. Please enquire for further details.

touch pencil slot

A new system
to check the pearl quality

nfc reader and writer

read ID pearl reference
write ID pearl reference

tft touch menu display

pearl analysis


RGB colour
CO2 sink
inductance (MOP layer)
pearl ID factor
New PLA tagged
nucleus to track
and identify your Tahitian pearls
1° step : nfc nucleus
2° step : check nfc nucleus
3° step : get a tracked pearl
How the Pearl Tester work
The e-pearl project at TV broadcast RAI 3 , presented by CEO marine biologist Mauro Doimi

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