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Dream Water Tahti is a company that comes from the professional activities of qualified marine biologists on an international level.
The sea, with all its potential, is our target.
We collaborate with universities and international research centres like D&D Consulting s.a.s. Italy EU  


DWT offers services and support for all stages of the marine product lifecycle. Our team combines biotechnology-specialized project management and outstanding up-to-date technical knowledge and business acumen also regards the ecotourism . Under the expert advice and guidance of the Scientific Advisory Board,  Universities and International Istitutes, leads teams in the development and execution of DWT’s commercial strategy.


The Mission of DWT is to develop and market naturally derived products that enhance health, performance, and well being as marine cosmetics , marine food ,BIO marine food and marine fashion like pearl and tourism . In addition, the quality of the products is assured by focusing on the products strong patent protection. This allows DWT to set strict purity and labeling standards on all products in the market place.Tourism Australia is responsible for attracting international visitors to French Polynesia, both for leisure and business . Our purpose is to increase the economic benefits of a "green" ecotourism. To do this it has implemented a new strategic approach .

Dream Water Tahti work together with Raroia Pearl Product sca ,




to study , produce and commercialize juwels from the ocean like the famous black pearl and mother of pearl products . 

Innovation about pearl ID and colour selections .